Feedback from graduates of the department

"Geography has given me a particularly broad outlook and taught me to inspect problems comprehensively, which I further use every day in both my professional and private life."

(Martin Šlajchrt, currently project manager in CzechTourism in Prague)

"Excellent teachers became the foundation of my long-term interest in geography, which later specialized into an interest in the use of modern technologies for exploring the landscape. These teachers are now my colleagues and they helped to shape my opinion of the world around me."

(Tomáš Oršulák, currently Director of the Grammar School in Kadaň)


"Foreign and domestic excursions opened the door to travel for me, the possibility of a year study exchange in Estonia, within the Erasmus study exchange programme, taught me to be independent and open to other cultures. The participation in student competition conferences helped me to find out a lot about the academic environment and to be able to present and defend my opinions." 

(Jan Kostovič, currently project manager at Regional Development Centre of the Czech Republic in Chomutov)