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Department of Geography is the largest geographical institution in Northern Czechia and offers both bachelor´s and master´s degree programmes with broad application in the public and private sector.

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How to implement past experiences in current flash flood risk reduction?

Read our new paper Participatory responses to historical flash floods and their relevance for current risk reduction: a view from a post-communist country in Area journal - click here:


Erasmus+ students

We offer several courses for international students - see poster here. Depending on the number of international students in class, the courses are taught in English (more than five students in class) or they are held as individual consultations, discussions and project defense. Contact: pavel.raska@ujep.cz


The relevance of J. Itten´s theory of colours for cartography.

Read more in Colour Contrast in Cartographic Works Using the Principles of Johannes Itten in The Cartographic Journal  - click here.


How did the political changes in Czechia influence commuting to elementary schools?

Read Transformations of spatial relationships in elementary education: A case study of changes in two Czech rural areas since the second half of the 20th century in Moravian Geographical Reports here.


  New project: Regionale Wetschöpfungsketten im Kontext von Ökosystemsleistungen und Biodiversität - am Beispiel einer tschechisch-polnich-sächsischen Projektkooperation
Projek leader: NETSCI GmbH (Prof. Matthias Kramer - Internationales Hochschulinstitut Zittau)
Grant Provider: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt