Bachelor’s Degree Studies


Geography is designed as an academic field of study according to Czech legislation. Graduates are prepared to pursue careers as well as to continue in the master’s degree studies. This field of study provides a comprehensive view of all basic geographic disciplines, with emphasis on links between the natural and socio-economic (human or social) subsystems of the landscape. The bachelor’s study in Geography includes general geographical disciplines (physical geography and geoecology, economic geography, social geography and regional development, sustainable development, environmental protection), regional geography and geoinformatics. Together with the knowledge, the student learns analytical methods of the individual geographical sciences and acquires the skills to evaluate, interpret, and communicate geographic data.

Geography for Education

The study includes general geographical education (physical geography, social geography, regional geography) and experience in work with geographic information systems. The specialised subjects focus on the issue of regional development, landscape evaluation and the environment. Within this field of study, geography is combined with other disciplines – mostly within the Faculty of Science (biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics), the Faculty of Arts (history, politology, German and literature) and the Faculty of education (physical education). The study is suitable for applicants who want to continue in the master’s study in teaching geography at the second stage of elementary school and at secondary schools. However, the graduate profile also makes it possible to continue in geography studies not related to teaching, or to directly develop a career on the labour market.