Department Profile

The Department of Geography is the second largest and also the second oldest university geographical department in Bohemia. The Department cooperates with experts and top research teams from Czechia, Germany, Pland, the United Kingdom and other countries. We believe that a balanced development of territory and society ensuring environment for future generations is only possible when connecting the knowledge of natural and social phenomena and processes. Our mission is to educate experts for the public and private sectors and teachers who will have the skill to integrate, present and interpret such knowledge using modern technologies and communication approaches.

The geographical unit has been part of the University since its beginning. At the initial higher school of education (founded in 1954), it was a part of the Department of Social Sciences, led by Prof. Leopold Joura. In 1961, a joint Department of Geography, History and Natural sciences and Field work was founded. The Department of Geography has soon become an independent unit, as the number of employees and students grew, and was managed by dr. Miroslav Špůr until 1972.

In later decades, the department was chaired by a geomorphologist Prof. Václav Němeček, economic geographer Prof. Bohuslav Štěpán, biologist Prof. Jaromír Hajer (during a short period of reunion with the Department of Biology), regional geographer Prof. Jan Charvát, and economic geographer Prof. Ladislav Skokan.

In 1999, Prof. Jiří Anděl took his role as department chair, and he first brought it to the Institute of Natural Sciences, which transformed into the Faculty of Science in 2005. The first study specialization was mathematics-geography, and it has lasted through the entire existence of the University. Other subjects were gradually added to geography for combined studies (such as History, Biology, Physical Education, English).

Currently, the Department of Geography offers study Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. study programmes in the two directions; the first being training of teachers for elementary and secondary schools, the second the education of geography specialists for public and private sector.