Exchange students


Erasmus+ is a mobility programme that allows students to participate in study stays and internships at selected institutions whom the University has a contract with. Prior to participation in the programme, students must choose if they want to pursue a study stay at a foreign university, or acquire experience in institutions and organisations in practice.


The participation in the programme is considered an ideal way of fully using all the options that university studies offer. By participating, students acquire new experience, broaden their language skills, learn about a different culture and make new friends. Also, participation in the programme is an alternative way of meeting the seminar on specialized practical experience within our study programmes.

Incoming students should consult Faculty of Science website for information on incoming procedures and list of courses:

Outcoming students should contact Departmental and Faculty coordinators, who can provide further details on contract universities, admission procedures, drafting the study plan, and other matters.

For Further details, contact our Erasmus+ Coordinator:

Mgr. Zdeňka Smutná

ERASMUS+ Coordinator

Office: CPTO-4.27, Phone: +420 475 28 6753, E-mail: