History & awards


The history of the geographical section dates back to the foundation of the University. In 1961, a common department of geography, history and natural history was established, shortly afterward separated into single departments. In 2005 the Department has been transposed to the newly estabilished Institute of Science, later - 4 November 2005 - transformed into the Faculty of Science.


2014 - rector´s prize for Research and Development for two members of the department (department members Pavel Raška, Jan D. Bláha)

2013 - the best students´ work in national competition of Czech geographical society and prize of Mayor of Ústí nad Labem best university students (student Miroslav Duda)

2012 - prize of Mayor of Ústí nad Labem for best university students (student Jiří Dužár)

2012 - best graduate thesis of the Ústí nad Labem region (student Martin Řípa)

2011 - first prize in National competition of MVDr. Kinsky´s Envioptimum foundation (student Jan Kostovič)

2010 - rector´s prize for popularization of science (Jiří Anděl)

2009 - second prize in GIS Ostrava competition (student Jan Bartoš)

2004 - rector´s prize for Research and Development (Jiří Anděl and Martin Balej)