Other activities

Research results and publication strategy

Each result of the research project held at the department is intended for dissemination at two levels. First, it is presented as a paper, chapter or book in international publisher. Currently, members of the department published their results in about different 10 international journals with impact factor, and in several books published by Springer Verlag, or national publishers. We also serve as reviewers in these journals and as members in editorial boards and scientific associations.

Along, each result is intended to be modified into a popular form and presented in journals and newspapers, or - in relevant cases - as a project report for applied sphere. In this way, members of the department cooperated in projects devoted to renewal of post-communist cities, disaster mapping, revitalization of urban rivers, reports on social exclusion, etc.

The department is co-publisher of international geographical journal GeoScape (currently at DeGruyter platform), available via this link: http://geo.ujep.cz.


Organization of conferences

2002 „Congress of Czech Geographical Society“
2008 „Living Landscape: Memory, Transformation
         and Future Scenarios“

2013 "iRegions" Conference

2014 "State of geomorphological research" - Conference of Czech Association of Geomorphologists

2015 "International Congress on Geo-Disaster Reduction" (main organizer - Charles University in Prague)


Working with youth

The department is co-organizer of Czech geographical olympiad for several years. We also cooperate in popular events to present scientific results to broad public and to students of elementary and secondary schools. Since 2006, we orgniaze the Week of Geography within the international Geography Awareness Week.