The department disposes of modern equipment and databases, which are used for research activities and during the professional education of students.

Study room (CS410)

with more than 500 publications for at site study supplements the broad collection of university library: look into the catalogue at http://geography.ujep.cz/files/file/katalog_publikaci.xls

Laboratory of environmental geography (CS410)

equipped for field and laboratory research (total stations, GPS receivers, soil probes, meteostation, geological equipment together with geological collection, environmental monitoring - noisemeters etc.).

Laboratory of geographic information systems (CS413)

20 PCs with ESRI products; graphical design (Corel). Databases encompasses old maps and aerial photos, remote sensed data, thematic specialized layers for GIS (digital terrain model, geological datasets, soil data, basic hydrometeorological, and forrest management databases), statistical data, etc.

Centre of 3d Modelling and Virtual Reality (CAVE)

The Centre for Virtual Reality and Landscape Modelling (CEVRAMOK) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory that combines geography and computer science, specializing in geovisualization.CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) is the vital base of the centre. It is an instrument creating interactive immersion virtual reality, which can be used in the following fields: future scenarios of landscape, environment, architecture, molecular visualization, hydrometeorology, education and art. 

Our fields of collaboration cover the university as well as outside organisations. Our latest 3D modelling projects were covering:

  • parts of the campus;
  • Dobříš town centre;
  • Klášterec nad Ohří town centre and the castle;
  • Most town centre block modelling; 
  • In the field of environmental studies, noise pollution was analysed in the following locations:
  • Srbice (belonging to the borough of Teplice);
  • selected parts of D8 (motorway).